You expect a top-performing product from a world leader in fire detection and suppression. INERGEN clean agent delivers. Reliable and field proven, the INERGEN system safeguards lives and property to protect your business.

High Performance Results

Upon discharge, INERGEN agent floods the room and remains suspended, suppressing the fire quickly and effectively. How quickly? In performance testing, INERGEN agent easily exceeded the NFPA Standard 2001 allowance of one-minute discharge, suppressing a Class A fire in 22 seconds and a Class B fire in 17 seconds.

  • Multiple levels of protection
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Won’t damage valuable assets
  • Wide range of applications

Safe for Your Property

As destructive as fire can be, conventional agents also can damage sensitive equipment, including your data storage, information processing and system operation electronics — equipment that keeps your business running.

INERGEN is a clean, non-conductive and natural fire suppression agent that won’t damage valuable assets. Many archival organizations use INERGEN agent to protect irreplaceable items such as artwork, historic documents and antiquities.

Safe for People

INERGEN agent is nontoxic and doesn’t produce corrosive decomposition products. Halocarbon (chemical) alternatives can create dangerous levels of hydrogen fluoride in the presence of fire. INERGEN agent is safe for people in a number of other ways. When discharged, INERGEN agent will not produce a fog, so escape routes remain visible. Also, INERGEN agent suppresses the fire but doesn’t deplete the amount of oxygen people require to remain safe and healthy. This is vital in cases where immediate evacuation may not be possible. In fact, people exposed to INERGEN agent in extinguishing concentrations receive the same amount of oxygen to the brain as they do in an ordinary atmosphere.

  • Nontoxic
  • Composed of gases people breathe
  • No fog to obscure escape routes

Safe for the Environment

INERGEN agent is non-synthetic and composed of gases people breathe: nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Once discharged, it simply returns to the atmosphere in its natural state.

The production of Halon 1301 was banned in 1993 due to its negative effects on the ozone layer. INERGEN agent poses no ozone depletion or global warming potential and is warranted to comply with future environmental standards.

  • No ozone layer depletion
  • No global warming potential
  • Warranted to comply with future legislative standards

Applications for INERGEN Systems

  • Automated tape storage libraries
  • Clean/specialty manufacturing
  • Computer and data processing facilities
  • Control rooms
  • Cultural and historical sites
  • Data centers
  • Hospital and major medical facilities
  • Libraries/archives/rare book storage
  • Marine/offshore/naval
  • Mining
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Power generation facilities
  • Telecommunication facilities

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